Thursday, March 14, 2013

Intro & Hello


& if you have been here before. Welcome back!

I started this blog last year, became crazy busy & decided I couldn't handle this blog also. Well I'm back & ready!

The kids are 4 now. I have become a bridal makeup artist & we are starting the process of looking for homeschool information.

About us: I'm Tiffany, the mom. I have twins who are 4. There is Boo, the boy, he's only Boo when he's not Batman & he's usually Batman. Princess Cami, my girl. She is the definition of a princess & she isn't liking the fact that I have to remind her that I'm still the queen.

Things get hectic & we all are learning to take a deep breath & just breathe.

So follow us as we grow up together and learn.


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