Monday, March 18, 2013

Favorite Kids Sites!

Here are some of my favorite kids sites to shop at!

  • Totsy- this isn't just a site for kids items! You can find cookware, decorations, handbags & clothes! I love it! Although the shipping can take about 3 weeks, this is because Totsy orders from the company after you order from Totsy, so you get factory direct pricing! It's worth the wait! Check them out HERE!
  • Zulily- Zulily is Totsy's rich aunt from California. While the prices are still amazing, it's more name brand clothes & items! Shipping is about the same time wise! Find them HERE!  
  • Oliver's Labels- I'm not sure about you but I am an organizing fan & I love for things to be label! When I found out about Oliver's Labels I was so excited! Fun & cute labels for almost all your kids items!!! Plus labels for the kitchen & safety labels for when traveling! Check them out HERE! 
  • What's in the Bible- I love these videos & my kids find it so funny ! They learn so much about the Bible which is very important to me! Check them out HERE! 

What are your favorite kids sites? 

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  1. We love Spelling City and they have a great App for your phone and IF your childs teacher uses it at school the kids can practice their spelling words ANY TIME! :)

    We also LOVE Classroom Dojo. IF your childs classroom at school is not using this you should ask the teacher to check it out. I think it is a free site and the teacher can post points for different things your child does throughout the week and at the end Classroom Dojo sends mom and dad a email with a graph of your childs points and end of the week score. IF my daughter does not get a 90% or above she does not get to do anything fun for the weekend. They get points for good behavior, turning in assignments on time and what ever else the teacher decides to do BUT they can also get points taken away as well.