Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Info

If you're looking to grow your blog or social media following, we have a great and FREE opportunity for you!  Free is good, right?  Well, Free is AMAZING!

Isabelle from Le Chateau des Fleurs recently released a new Android app called Smartphone DNA, and to promote it she is giving away a Kindle Fire HD-which she is sponsoring entirely.  The giveaway will be hosted by My So-Called Chaos, but what we need are other bloggers to share the giveaway on their blogs in order to spread the word! In return, you'll get two of your links in the Rafflecopter to get extra promotion for you in return for posting.  This is entirely free, there is NO buy in, we just need two posts from you.
  1. Post this announcement on your blog (code will be given after you request to join) to ensure your readers/followers have the opportunity to be a part of this giveaway too! 
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If you are interested in participating in this FREE promotional opportunity, please email Miss Angie and once accepted into the giveaway you will be given all the information you need for your posts.

Giveaway is set to run from 4/10/13 to 4/30/13.
All requests to join required by 4/5/13!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What's in the Bible Vol. 1 In the Beginning Review & Giveaway CLOSED

I thought this review would take longer to do. Seeing how we have watched this DVD about six times in two days, I have my review ready. My children love this DVD! I love it to! It's such a great way to teach kids about the Bible in a fun (keep their attention) type of way! Plus I get to laugh & learn to with the adult humor they throw in for us.

There are two episodes on this 60 minute DVD plus bonus clips to watch in the menu list. Volume 1 covers Genesis, In the Beginning. "Genesis really means the beginning" you'll learn that catchy tune soon! The characters are so cute & they all have such great personalities. It's amazing how caught up in a puppet you can get! :)

My children sat eating grapes with eyes glued on the T.V... asking questions every so often. They already pretend to be characters out of What's in the Bible? & enjoy telling me random facts they have learned! They are very excited about future What's in the Bible? DVD's! Inside the DVD was a letter from Phil, the creator of What's in the Bible? & Veggie Tales! Inside the letter is a coloring page for kids also on the back is a list of questions & answers to go over with your kids!

On the back is a break down of the DVD with info on the bonus clips & more! I am so glad we found a way to sit as a family & learn more about the Bible. Laughing at all the silliness in the DVD & hearing all the great questions the kids ask. I can't wait to view the rest of the What's in the Bible? collection & watch as the children absorb more & more of God's word!

Here's your chance to win your own copy of What's in the Bible? Vol. 1 In the Beginning!! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own. This is not a paid review. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Bows!

 I recently had these beautiful bows made for my little princess. Easter is one week away & she needed bows for her church dress & Easter playing outfit. Everyone has to be stylish when hunting eggs! I contact Terisa with Little Deer BOWtique & she was amazing! She is the kindest woman & cares so much for her customers. I sent her photos of the dress & the outfit. She started working on the bows right away so I could have them the weekend before Easter. She stayed in contact & asked questions for certain pieces & embellishments. I decided to add a "sculpted" bow for my daughters lady bug swim suit & she was delighted to make it for me. She sent me process pictures & made sure I was happy with every part of the bows.  
A week later they were ready & I was so excited. She sent me photos but they didn't do these bows justice! They are amazing!! I told her my daughter has a head full of curly hair so she made the bows extra large for me so they would stand out in her hair. She also used clips that have a double latch for thick hair! I am amazed! She did so well on these bows & I am so thankful to find someone local that cares so much about the bows & customers! I cannot wait to have more made from her! 

She does more than just bows & headbands. She nows makes bottle cap jewelry & key chains. I have so many ideas of the next bows I want next!

Please go & check out her page & tell her Tiffany from Double Dose of Motherhood sent you! You never know of the future bow giveaways I may do ;) !!!!

Find her page HERE

Have a great weekend! 

Tiffany & two

Ribbon Wreath

Hey Guys!

Up above is my incomplete ribbon wreath! I am so excited to start making these! I plan to finish the ribbon & add a letter "F" painted in pink! My friend who works at a hair salon will be hanging this one at her station! So exciting! I love having something like this to do once the kids are in bed & this is perfect. I purchased all the materials from Hobby Lobby which I am a huge supporter of. I can't wait to make more & I have so many plans! I will post all my complete wreaths soon & possibly have an Etsy Shop coming soon. I have also made a video tutorial that will be up once this one is complete!!

Stay tuned for a What's in the Bible? review coming soon!

Have a blessed day!

Tiffany & two

Monday, March 18, 2013

Favorite Kids Sites!

Here are some of my favorite kids sites to shop at!

  • Totsy- this isn't just a site for kids items! You can find cookware, decorations, handbags & clothes! I love it! Although the shipping can take about 3 weeks, this is because Totsy orders from the company after you order from Totsy, so you get factory direct pricing! It's worth the wait! Check them out HERE!
  • Zulily- Zulily is Totsy's rich aunt from California. While the prices are still amazing, it's more name brand clothes & items! Shipping is about the same time wise! Find them HERE!  
  • Oliver's Labels- I'm not sure about you but I am an organizing fan & I love for things to be label! When I found out about Oliver's Labels I was so excited! Fun & cute labels for almost all your kids items!!! Plus labels for the kitchen & safety labels for when traveling! Check them out HERE! 
  • What's in the Bible- I love these videos & my kids find it so funny ! They learn so much about the Bible which is very important to me! Check them out HERE! 

What are your favorite kids sites? 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Zoo Trip Spring 2013

My mom & I surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo today! They were so excited when we turned into the entrance & the elephant statues gave them a huge hint!

It was a sunny 75 degree day which doesn't happen often in March, in North Carolina but it was a perfect zoo day. We were somewhat disappointed with the animals we did see, most of them were not there or hiding in their habitats! But we did see enough to make the trip fun & the tram ride back to the parking lot was a winner!

How did you spend your weekend? It's suppose to be beautiful again tomorrow & I'm ready to spend it outside!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Intro & Hello


& if you have been here before. Welcome back!

I started this blog last year, became crazy busy & decided I couldn't handle this blog also. Well I'm back & ready!

The kids are 4 now. I have become a bridal makeup artist & we are starting the process of looking for homeschool information.

About us: I'm Tiffany, the mom. I have twins who are 4. There is Boo, the boy, he's only Boo when he's not Batman & he's usually Batman. Princess Cami, my girl. She is the definition of a princess & she isn't liking the fact that I have to remind her that I'm still the queen.

Things get hectic & we all are learning to take a deep breath & just breathe.

So follow us as we grow up together and learn.

FB: http://www.facebook.com/doubledoseofmotherhood