Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Small Haul + Update

Good Morning!

I wanted to share a quick haul for you that I picked up on a super fast trip to Target. My son got sick on the way to dinner & I had to run into Target to pick him up a new shirt, so I picked up the other items I needed also. This was the fastest Target trip ever! 

My kids love the Tom's toothpaste & when we tried the sample size of the Wicked Cool Mint toothpaste they loved it, so I bought the full size while it was on sale! It was two for $5 plus the $1 off coupon that came with the sample! I also picked up a new brush since the whole inside of mine ripped out while brushing my hair! It was on clearance for $3!! I had to get some manly soap for the hubs & Dove is our favorite! I picked up a waterproof mascara for the bride I had on Saturday, I haven't tried this mascara before I'll do a review on my Beauty Blog! Also threw some normal sensitive skin wipes in, along with the new Johnson & Johnson germ killing wipes! 


We all had a stomach virus for about 3 days all together, 24 hours per person! It was horrible, the kids had it first then the adults. I did loose 5 pounds! Which adds to my weight loss goal, I am 5 pounds closer & now have my workout routine in full swing! Day two (today) is a lot of soreness after my one hour workout yesterday! But I keep reminding myself that it's all worth it!

I made strawberry pomegranate smoothies this morning & they were amazing! Such a great way to start the day with something so refreshing! We are looking into getting a juicer to have more options but for now these smoothies are perfect! 
Have a blessed day!
Tiffany & Two