Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Bows!

 I recently had these beautiful bows made for my little princess. Easter is one week away & she needed bows for her church dress & Easter playing outfit. Everyone has to be stylish when hunting eggs! I contact Terisa with Little Deer BOWtique & she was amazing! She is the kindest woman & cares so much for her customers. I sent her photos of the dress & the outfit. She started working on the bows right away so I could have them the weekend before Easter. She stayed in contact & asked questions for certain pieces & embellishments. I decided to add a "sculpted" bow for my daughters lady bug swim suit & she was delighted to make it for me. She sent me process pictures & made sure I was happy with every part of the bows.  
A week later they were ready & I was so excited. She sent me photos but they didn't do these bows justice! They are amazing!! I told her my daughter has a head full of curly hair so she made the bows extra large for me so they would stand out in her hair. She also used clips that have a double latch for thick hair! I am amazed! She did so well on these bows & I am so thankful to find someone local that cares so much about the bows & customers! I cannot wait to have more made from her! 

She does more than just bows & headbands. She nows makes bottle cap jewelry & key chains. I have so many ideas of the next bows I want next!

Please go & check out her page & tell her Tiffany from Double Dose of Motherhood sent you! You never know of the future bow giveaways I may do ;) !!!!

Find her page HERE

Have a great weekend! 

Tiffany & two


  1. Thank YOu so much for the kind words. I am Terisa from Little Deer BOWtique and I am Humbled. I thoroughly enjoyed making these bows as I always do. I LOVE a challenge. I try and treat all of my customers as I would like to be treated. The Golden Rule is what I live by. If anyone would like for me to make their little princesses a bow or 2 or 3 you can go to my page and send me a message. I also make Tutu's! :)

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  3. Love all of the bows I have gotten from Terisa from Little Deer BOWtique. They are made with great care. She takes her time and gets them just right :)

  4. She does an awesome job!!! I have had her make my daughter 4 bows and a headband. I have not picked up the 4th bow and headband yet but she has sent pictures and they are exactly what I asked for and wanted. The first time I contacted her I needed a bow for my daughter to ware to school, one to match a pageant outfit, and a bow for her to ware for her Cinderella birthday party. I explained what I wanted and she went to work. As stated above she also kept in contact with me, asked questions, sent progress pics to make sure they were what I wanted. My daughter also has very thick hair and all the bows were made withe double clip. Just an overall awesome job and lady!!!