Friday, April 26, 2013

We Choose Virtues: Review

Teaching your children starts day one. Teaching to them to take a bottle, new foods, smiling, laughing, they learn from you. From day one, they learn everything from you.

Once you start teaching your children words & reading, the Bible... this time is important. It's important to teach them the right things at the right time, We Choose Virtues helps with this!

We Choose Virtues teaches children control, management & the ways we all should be, acting as Godly people. I have been working with my kids with the Family Kit which included the following items:

  • Parenting Cards
  • Virtue Flash Cards for family
  • Kids Virtue Poster
  • 3 rules poster
When you teach your kids a new virtue, it includes a catch phrase for them to memorize along with the scripture from the Bible! My kids love Gerbil  & Jill, who learns to "speak quietly and touch softly" because of the gerbil in her pocket! When we are out in public, I am constantly saying "soft voices....soft voices." It's a constant reminder to learn where you can be louder & the times to talk quietly or be silent. Of course four
year old children never see that quiet time as fun! I try to always have the cards in reach so I can remind them of what Jesus said & why it's so important. 
There are many characters that comes with the catch phrase & verse, so it's fun for kids to recognize these characters & see that they are practicing these actions as well! Not only has We Choose Virtues helped my twins, it has helped me. I go through & highlight in my Bible where these scriptures are & look at the reasons around it!

Both posters, the rules & the virtues hang in their room, where our school table is. I can ask them what the three rules are at any time & I hear, "Obey, be kind, be helpful!" It's always there to remind them, even when they play. They are learning the catch phrases daily & they love seeing that these are really in the Bible, learning how Jesus wants us to act. I have been saying "if you could see Jesus right there on the couch, would you act like that?" I have to explain that just because you can't see Him doesn't mean He isn't there watching. This has really helped them calm down & realize just how important it all is!

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to use this packet & begin to teach my children early in life. They have so many questions about Jesus & the Bible so having something kid friendly to show them is wonderful! 

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*We Choose Virtues sent me the family kit to review, I was not paid for this review & all opinions are my own. The giveaway prize is provided & will ship from We Choose Virtues* 


  1. My kids are 2, 4, and 5 and we can be found at

  2. Wow this is great. We will begin our homsechool journey next year with my 6 year old for first grade. We also have a 2 year old. Something like this would be wonderful for them to learn and remind them why we are here. I can be contact at

  3. Would love to win... Been drooling over the Homeschool kit... :D

  4. My child is in first grade and my e-mail is I am going to homeschool her in August.

  5. I have 3 yr old and a baby, but the 3 yr old is currently doing kindergarten work. Email: kristi.freeman at

  6. My kiddos are 5, 4, and twin 13 month olds. All girls :). My email is:

  7. My kids are 6, 3, & 1 (and another baby on the way in July). I have been looking all over for something to teach my oldest these virtues, because we have been struggling with some disobedience and anger in him and this would be such a blessing to have to help him.