Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Updates !

Where to begin.

It's rainy, very rainy. This isn't North Carolina weather & we are tired of it!
But we have still been able to be in the pool daily, just getting out every once in a while for the lighting to pass!

We had our first Sweet Frog experience recently & that was fun. Even though the faces don't seem thrilled, I caught them off guard ! Both kids picked Cookies n Cream "fro-yo" & then hit the candy buffet! I skipped on the fro-yo & waited on my Qdoba burrito!

I have been busy on my beauty blog, Everyday Beautiful , running giveaways & hosting giveaways, answering emails & making ad space quotes! I am stepping away from the Makeup Artistry for now to find what I really want in life for myself. I feel like I lost the passion that I had for so long but I also lost my confidence in my work which can really change your work ethic. 

I'm looking back into cake making, which I did when the kids were little babies! 

Speaking of little babies, these babies will be 5 soon & we have decided that they both will be receiving Nintendo 3DS systems! Which is really exciting because I know I will be using them as well! :) 

We have stumbled into the American Girl Doll craze, although we don't have any yet, we have been circling items in the catalogs like our life depends on it! I'm wondering why the dolls are so pricey? Is it quality or the name on it?? Well I guess that's up to Santa! 

Cami has learned to swim, she's so great at it & loves to show us all *several time* how she can! Boo on the other hand is happy in his float ring just splashing us all! 

I plan to really update this blog & keep it up, also giveaways coming & reviews! 

Have a great night, 

Tiffany + 2

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